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Winnipeg’s Victory Building

winnipeg-victory-buildingDuring the era of the Great Depression a beautiful building was erected (1935-1936) in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada to house government offices.  It was called the Victory Building.

AMBICO is currently working on a retrofit of the Victory Building’s main entry, foyer and lobby doors to bring them back to their originally intended appearance of the 1930’s.  We are providing new bronze clad doors that will be installed in existing bronze frames.  The existing bronze frames are being cleaned up and buffed to be closer to their original bright finish matching the new doors. AMBICO is supplying a second highly specialized opening: a fire-rated bronze clad door and frame with custom etching on the door at an interior stairwell in order to maintain a classic recessed panel look and bring the doors up to code.

Another special detail with the entrance and foyer doors is application of custom bronze decorative bars, push bars and door pulls in the same style as those installed on the original doors. Both the doors and bars will be of the same bright buffed finish giving the entrance an eye catching appearance.  Before and after photos will be posted in the next couple of months on our Facebook page!