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Ambico has developed the industry's widest range of specialized steel and wood door products. All units are manufactured with appropriate frame products which can be configured into borrowed light and sidelight frames. Our commitment to research and development has enabled Ambico to enhance existing product lines as well as to develop state-of-the-art door and frame products in demand throughout the construction marketplace. To satisfy industry professionals we have developed two distinct product lines -- decorative and engineered. This section of the website will enable you to obtain current catalog cuts, technical details as well as typical engineering data on all of our door and door frame products. As well, we have an in-depth FAQ section associated with each product.
Discovery Channel Canada films AMBICO Blast Doors!

Discovery Channel Canada films AMBICO Blast Doors

To view the episode (including the experiment and the results) click here.

In October 2013, Discovery Canada shot a segment for their TV show Daily Planet about research at the University of Ottawa.  Part of the segment featured the setup and installation of AMBICO’s own blast doors in the shock tube and the test results.